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Nurses!! We work under an unprecedented amount of stress on any given shift. Between our patients, their families, critically thinking in split second situations, electronic charting, communicating effectively with our coworkers, supervisors, physicians/providers, and other departments, multitasking in high stress environments is "just what we do". Introduce Covid-19 and some days, whats expected of us.. under impossible conditions at times is overwhelming. 
I hear you. 
I see you. 
Please hear me... you are not alone.
Burnout is real.. Nurses are leaving the bedside in droves. It's not because we don't care about our patients.. oh no.. we care too much. It's because it's NOT supposed to be this way. Let me help you tackle the toughest issues you're battling with your career. Confidence and boundary coaching to empower you in your nursing career you fought for and love. Self care is the root of it my friends. Lets change the face of Healthcare and the World together.  #SaveANurse 

To say I've been passionate about empowerment for a while now is an understatement. Sometimes we walk through our lives on autopilot. Making sure everyone else is cared for. Desperate for a spark of excitement in any corner but too exhausted to chase it. I've been there y'all... Still am some days! Life is hard.. Parenting is harder!! Lets walk through your struggles and navigate whats holding you back from that abundant life and steer you towards that life you've been waiting for!!

Hey guys! I'm Kristen Vaughan. I am a Certified Life Coach, a RN, a mom, and human.

Tell me more!

Hey guys! I'm Kristen Vaughan. I am a Certified Life Coach, a RN, a mom, and human.

Tell me more!
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What is a life Coach anyway?!

Life Coaching does for your mind what personal training does for your body! LC help you identify your values, passions and goals. Help identify fears and eliminate limiting beliefs holding you back and provide motivation, encouragement, and a framework for reshaping your life. LC focuses on the future whereas counseling heals and treats the past and offers treatment.

Who am I anyway?!

I am a 40 year old mom and nurse who doesn't take life too seriously. I have had plenty of struggles in my own personal life so trust I will create space for you and your story without judgement. I am the mother of a beautiful 5yo daughter who I hope grows up knowing she can breathe fire. I am fierce in my authenticity and unafraid to express myself anyway I see fit. I have been a RN for 17+ years and after venturing on my own self love path 2 years ago, I feel called to empower moms and women into a life of worthiness, love, and a life in which their voice is heard and their power is unshakable.